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Lincoln Park Police Department to promote the Neighborhood Watch Program

Officers of the Lincoln Park Police Department along with program volunteers will be going throughout the city in the coming weeks in an effort to increase citizen’s awareness of the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Watch Program. The purpose of the door to door canvassing is to explain what the Neighborhood Watch Program is as well to encourage residents to join. The officers or volunteers will have applications with them, which can be filled out at the time of the door to door canvassing or can be returned at a later date. This is a valuable organization, which can benefit all of our residents by helping keep our community safe, so please take the time to consider joining. For more information about the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Watch Program please call 313-381-3217 or visit www.lpnwp.org and www.facebook.com/lpnwp.

Smart Phone Theft Prevention Tips

3924847124_d81a59fa0e_bPlease be aware of the going problem of smartphone theft. Referred to as ‘iCrime’ or ‘Apple Picking’, criminals are targeting individuals by unsuspectingly snatching their iPhone or Android phone from their hands. The theft typically occurs when the person is engaged in their smartphone activities, unaware of their surroundings. The following tips to help residents avoid becoming a target for this crime: Continue Reading →