A Conversation on the Future of Public Safety in Lincoln Park

On behalf of the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Watch Program, we would like to invite you to participate in a conversation on the future of public safety in our city. The reason for this conversation is to give candidates for office in the upcoming election an opportunity to inform the citizens of Lincoln Park about their position on issues relating to Public Safety.

Each candidate at the meeting will be given a very brief opportunity to inform those in attendance what they feel they can do to make the city of Lincoln Park a safer community, if he or she is elected/re-elected. This is an open gathering for anyone who is interested in having a safer Lincoln Park. We encourage you to spread the word to all of your supporters, and invite them all to attend as well.

The conversation will be held on Wednesday, October 30th at the Lincoln Park VFW Hall, 1125 Fort Street from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. At 6:30pm, volunteers wishing to participate in the Angel’s Night patrol will be asked to go to the Community Policing Building located at 1394 Cleophus for instructions prior to going out into the streets. All others are welcome to remain and ask questions of or address concerns to the candidates, as well as representatives from the Lincoln Park Police Department and the Neighborhood Watch Program.

We are sure you are just as interested as we are to hear what the candidates have to say on this important issue. If you are able to attend, please RSVP below. If you have any questions please contact us at 313-381-3217 or gmparr@lpnwp.org.

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